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Thank you everyone by chimchim892 Thank you everyone by chimchim892
Well, I think the drawing and tittle says everything :_D

Today (Jan 5th), is my 3rd deviant art aniversary x'3
I had already said in my journal a few days ago how happy I was, so I think there's nothing more I can say :3

I've finally refound my self with this drawing, my first (from 0) 2012 drawing :_D I finally learned what was my real style (wow, that was fast).
Obviously I still gotta finish fixing it, and it'll probably keep changing, but I'm happy, cause it's the first drawing since my last AkuRoku I actually like :_D (specially the cake, yum :heart:)

Well, as I said, this is one of my 2012 goals. Do my first manga, Twisted Love.
This will be the first front page :D Without the writting, ofc, because it's a really special drawing to me now.

So thank you very much :D Everyone, for your support, for being there with me when I most needed you, for those endless night chats, roleplays, or drawing in iscribble :heart:
And thanks to those who as well fav my drawings, coment them, and to all of those who might could have used them as a desktop on their comp (if you ever do that, screenshot it, you'd make me the happiest person EVER)

I'll be doing a gallery clean up, and organazing it. Well, I won't delete anything, I'll just create a folder named Random Junk, and put all that has nothing to do with art in there xDDDD

So, I guess that's it :3
Once again, thank you very, very much <3

I love you all :heart:

Alexis, Twisted Love (c) ~chimchim892
Art by ~chimchim892
Paint Tool SAI, Genius Tablet, 6 hours

PS: I actually made this drawing in just 2 hours, the thing is, I had been doing it this morning, and when I was about to finish the cake, my comp shutted down, and I hadn't saved anything at all .__. so I had to re-do it from 0, yey :heart:

PS2: DA still hasn't count my 3rd year ;3; it says I'm still 2 years old and I didn't get any aniversary gratz D_:
FireFoxBloody Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012  Student General Artist
i like the cake XD
chimchim892 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012  Student General Artist
sabía que tu dirías eso xDDD si ej queee xD
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